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Attitude is Everything

The Difference Between Just Winning and Being a Champion   Thinking back to when I was growing up, I can always remember my parents discussing the importance of my attitude. If I was instructed to do something that I didn't want to do, I'd moodily carry out the task with resentment, blame, and questioning "why I had to do it".  "You had better fix your attitude", I can hear my mom as clearly as if she was standing here telling me today. From that perspective, I always associated "attitude" as something to just deal with and it would change after I got through whatever it was I was resisting. More of a reactive than a proactive situation. It wasn't until I was...

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Your "Ordinary" is nothing short of Amazing!

  Can you see the "amazing" in your "ordinary"?   The true definition of learning is the expanding of your awareness. The more you are willing to expand your awareness, the more incredible and enlightening your life lessons will be.  Society has trained us to chug through life expanding but remain unaware of how AMAZING our ordinary really is. Most of you reading this are experiencing comfort and luxuries that the richest kings in the world couldn't dream of a century ago. But this isn't just about materials. This is about your physical abilities, relationships, and experiences as well. I want you to take a minute and ask yourself: "Am I missing the amazing things that make up my ordinary day?"Your energy and...

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Could our boundaries be the clues that could push us forward? It's interesting how life works sometimes. There are many things that can help or hurt us depending on the circumstances, which is why improving our intuition is so important to becoming a better version of ourselves. When you hear the word "boundaries", what do you think of?Do boundaries hold you back or are they necessary to keep in place to protect you? Are you aware of which ones work for you and which ones work against you, or do you just unconsciously let boundaries guide you down paths that you keep "wishing" you could take control of?Watch our narrative for the week and gain a few insights on how to improve...

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