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The Power of Attraction

Power is about attraction. Attraction is about authenticity. Insanity is the byproduct of the unchecked pursuit of power. We push ourselves to the max in order to achieve it only to realize the more we push, the weaker we become. It's time to redefine what power really is.Why do we seek power? Why do we seek improvement? We ultimately strive to be more attractive in order to have more opportunity because we believe it will bring us more joy and better experiences. Our current collective idea of power is causing us to turn our efforts in the wrong direction.The current paradigm of power is conceived to be control or clout over other people. The nucleus of power is really how...

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Marriage: A Commitment to Vulnerability

From our "Best Self" to "Naked and Afraid" When we find that special someone and love them with all of our being, we are in a state of bliss that leads us down a happy road. On many occasions, this road leads to saying "I Do" and becoming an official family. What we don't always consider, is that marriage begins a new entity. This entity gives us a brand new exposure to a dimension that we weren't exposed to before: the dimension of the imperfections of your partnerThis contrast often throws us for a loop wondering, "where is the person I fell in Love with" or "what did I get myself into?"You are correct in understanding that marriage is a...

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Attitude is Everything

The Difference Between Just Winning and Being a Champion   Thinking back to when I was growing up, I can always remember my parents discussing the importance of my attitude. If I was instructed to do something that I didn't want to do, I'd moodily carry out the task with resentment, blame, and questioning "why I had to do it".  "You had better fix your attitude", I can hear my mom as clearly as if she was standing here telling me today. From that perspective, I always associated "attitude" as something to just deal with and it would change after I got through whatever it was I was resisting. More of a reactive than a proactive situation. It wasn't until I was...

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