• The True Power of Positive Thinking

    If you are not thinking positive, you are in trouble. I'm not talking happy-go-lucky here. I am speaking to whether or not life will be possible or impossible for you. The difference between the two comes down to one thing: Positive Thinking (read more).
  • Fall From Grace

    As we get older, things change. Not the latest edition iPhone or driverless cars, but daily life changes. We don't get the same level of joy and excitement from the same things we did 20+ years ago. We don't have the same outlook on circumstances as we did before. We aren't as energized about "living" as we were during the days when "the dream" was all we had.
  • The Power of Attraction

    Power is about attraction. Attraction is about authenticity. Insanity is the byproduct of the unchecked pursuit of power. We push ourselves to th...
  • Marriage: A Commitment to Vulnerability

    From our "Best Self" to "Naked and Afraid" When we find that special someone and love them with all of our being, we are in a state of bliss that...
  • Attitude is Everything

    The Difference Between Just Winning and Being a Champion   Thinking back to when I was growing up, I can always remember my parents discussing th...
  • Is this enough?

    Focus on what's there and see what happens.
  • Your "Ordinary" is nothing short of Amazing!

      Can you see the "amazing" in your "ordinary"?   The true definition of learning is the expanding of your awareness. The more you are willing to...
  • #Boundaries

    Could our boundaries be the clues that could push us forward? It's interesting how life works sometimes. There are many things that can help or...
  • The secret to self-care

    I’ve got to stop holding my self-care hostage.
  • Choosing Resistance

    All my attention was focused on getting through. I stopped a few times, gathered myself, and then began again because the journey was the goal and the goal was the work.

  • Beautiful Moments

    THE BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS ARE WHY WE ARE HERE.  Let's take a break from discussing the tough times and take 4 minutes to reflect on the good times. L...
  • Permission to be great

    What will I allow myself?