Are You Looking for YES?

Do you feel stuck? Do you believe your opportunities have passed you by? If you have these thoughts regularly, you have become comfortable with being "stuck".

You have to get reacquainted with "designed discomfort" in order to grow. This means recommitting to pushing your limits in the areas that growth needs to happen and saying "YES" to those things that you are unsure about. Say "YES" to those things that make you nervous. Say "YES" to those things that seem impossible, but are always in the back of your mind.

So many of my clients talk to me about their "calling". They don't know what it is or think they know, but their situation isn't ideal for answering. I'm here to tell you that the key to finding and doing what you are "called" to do is a matter of saying "YES!" 

We are launching this video because we feel it's the perfect time to begin the discussion about answering the call! Please watch, comment and share.




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  • YES! Opportunities pass you by, once you stop worrying about what has passed you by you then see clearly the opportunities right in front of you!

    Bo Bowidowicz

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