Attitude is Everything

The Difference Between Just Winning and Being a Champion


Thinking back to when I was growing up, I can always remember my parents discussing the importance of my attitude. If I was instructed to do something that I didn't want to do, I'd moodily carry out the task with resentment, blame, and questioning "why I had to do it".  

"You had better fix your attitude", I can hear my mom as clearly as if she was standing here telling me today. From that perspective, I always associated "attitude" as something to just deal with and it would change after I got through whatever it was I was resisting. More of a reactive than a proactive situation. 

It wasn't until I was on the track team in college that I had an "aha" moment and discovered that attitude is KEY. Listen to our narrative of the week to hear the story of how understanding how to leverage attitude not only improved my performance but the performance of my teammates as well. Watch our weekly narrative to hear the rest of the story and how it applies to your situation.

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  • The Ah-Ha moment comes at different times for everyone.
    Let’s celebrate that you had that “Ah Ha” moment.

    Bo Bowidowicz

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