Beautiful Moments


Let's take a break from discussing the tough times and take 4 minutes to reflect on the good times. 

Life is meant for reveling in the beautiful moments, which means it is our job to always be on the lookout for when they are happening. Pay attention to random acts of kindness going on around you, or the exhilarating conversation you may have at the water cooler today in the office. 

It's also up to us to "make" these moments happen when the opportunity presents itself. Tell your significant other that you love them and give them a kiss. Play a fun game with your children instead of being siloed around the house.

Work diligently to accomplish something and become fully immersed in the moment when that goal is achieved. You see, making the best of life only builds momentum. Positive momentum leads you to greatness. Watch our latest narrative if you need a boost.



  • Thank you, sir. Your words and voice are ‘beautiful’ motivation~Crisp yet comforting; Empathetic yet not self-pitying. I will be passing your work along to my friends. Have a great day!

    Gregg Suzanne McAllister
  • bought tears to my eyes as you described how I feel about beauty and why I changed my job to photography. A lot of what you said applies to why I photograph weddings and families – I want to capture those emotions those beautiful moments! Would it be possible for us to quote / use your video on our website (fully credited with links) ? Rupa x x x


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