Better Choices Lead to Better Environments

Focus on these 3 things and watch your life change.

Last year was all about taking the leap. It was time for that massive change in your life. You corrected the course, you turned everything around, and you are now headed to the promise land. Right?

How is the journey treating you? Challenging I'm sure. Have you given up? Are you setting brand new (unrelated) resolutions this year only because things got more difficult?

If you were to make a list of your challenges, I'm willing to bet that majority of your challenges aren't "soul jerking" or "spirit destroying."

Many of the challenges standing between you and where you want to be are due to your environment. I don't mean your external environment, but your internal environment. 

The choices you make have everything to do with your internal environment. How?

There are 3 things that keep people operating in poor environments:

  • Their habits
  • Their expectations
  • Their analysis of results

Your mental habits are rooted in where you came from and what has happened to you, your expectations are conclusions of your habits, and your analysis is how you interperet your own expectations.

We created a motivational narrative for the new year that discusses this idea. Please watch, share, and let us know how you are going to focus on changing your internal environment.

Happy New Year!



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