Fall From Grace

As we get older, things change. Not the latest edition iPhone or driverless cars, but daily life changes. We don't get the same level of joy and excitement from the same things we did 20+ years ago. We don't have the same outlook on circumstances as we did before. We aren't as energized about "living" as we were during the days when "the dream" was all we had.

What is it that has changed? Have we outgrown these feelings, or learned that they are unnecessary? 

I bet many of us are longing for those feelings back. How do we get them? Do we need to change our lives completely? Do we need to hit the lottery?

Do we need to leave our spouse or pick up and move to another town? Maybe we should try finding love first. "But wait a minute Angelo, Love is what I'm feeling like is missing!" Bingo!

We are missing love in our lives and we've either given up hope of it finding us or frantically looking for it in the wrong way.

Love is tricky because it's one of those things that is very easy to find, but very elusive at the same time. How is this so? Love is inside of all of us. Cliche I know, but it's true. The love that you seek doesn't have to come from anyone else. It can come from inside of you.

I can't tell you exactly where to find it, or how to conjure it. I do have a bit more insight into where it comes from. You see, when you calm your mind and silence the chatter as much as possible, you'll begin to feel that it is close. As you continue to feel it, and you stay focused on your moments of peace, you'll begin to experience grace. 

Grace is like the walking up to the front door and catching a whiff of the delicious bread in the oven. The comfort, confidence, and anticipation that grace brings, is as good or the beginning phase of true love. Take 4 minutes to listen to our narrative for the week.

It's time to settle down, look inward and find love again. 


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