How Long Have You Been Dealing With This Problem?

The Practice of Putting Distance Between Your Questions and Your Answers

The purpose of principles is to simplify the complexity of life. If anyone were to ask me what was the secret to life, my answer would be "patience".

The principle I'd like to discuss today is the idea of patience. We've discussed patience many times before and will continue to do so in order to discover our best selves and help others do the same in the process. 

We all have those one or two problems that we just can't seem to shake. That nagging question or missing piece that up until now seems unattainable or "just not meant for us". We buy books, research, talk to friends, "experts", etc. There just never seems to be an answer or a solution. This is especially true when it comes to personal problems. 

How can I make more money? Why can't I find a significant other? What can I do to get in better shape? Why is this person at work giving me so much trouble? How can we increase revenue in our business?

There is a wide mix of the different types of problems we experience regularly. Problems are unavoidable. They are the barrier between where we are now and where we want to be. So a life with no problems is a life with no improvements, but let's not lose focus. I'm here to talk about "solutions".

Where are the solutions to the problems that plague us? We aren't on a live call, so I'm unable to present any specific solutions to your problems. I am, however, suggesting where to begin looking in order to find your solutions. 

In order to solve your biggest problems, you must start with clearly understanding the problem along with understanding your relationship with it. Touchy-feely stuff, I know. But it's real. If your problems defeat you, ruin your day, take you out of the game; you are DONE. If your problems energize you, push you to solutions, and behavioral changes; you are WINNING. 

It's a matter of understanding how the problem makes you feel and having the patience to know that there is distance (short or long) between problem and solution and it's your PURPOSE to connect the dots between the two. 

Watch this week's narrative to tie it all together.

Keep moving forward and be patient! It's the best way to speed up the process ;).



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