Marriage: A Commitment to Vulnerability

From our "Best Self" to "Naked and Afraid"

When we find that special someone and love them with all of our being, we are in a state of bliss that leads us down a happy road. On many occasions, this road leads to saying "I Do" and becoming an official family. What we don't always consider, is that marriage begins a new entity. This entity gives us a brand new exposure to a dimension that we weren't exposed to before: the dimension of the imperfections of your partner

This contrast often throws us for a loop wondering, "where is the person I fell in Love with" or "what did I get myself into?"

You are correct in understanding that marriage is a commitment, but the misfire is in clearly defining what you are making a commitment to.

Yes, it is a commitment to the other person, but there is a personal commitment involved that is just as important, if not of greater importance. It's the commitment to yourself. When you enter into a marriage, you make a commitment to being vulnerable. A commitment to risk being "naked and afraid".

Watch our latest narrative to dive deeper into exploring more details of this commitment. If you are married, engaged, or have marriage in your life plans, I encourage you to think long and hard about this one.


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