The Journey Defines You

This past weekend, I was enjoying myself at a Holiday cocktail party when I noticed a trend with the different people I was being introduced to. Whenever someone would tell me about themselves, they would immediately offer their current professional role or accolade for something that they had accomplished. 

It wasn't until a gentleman introduced himself as a "cancer survivor, mountain climber, father of four, and an entrepreneur", that made me think, "wait a minute, everyone else has left out the details of their introduction!"

His accomplishments were more inspiring and compelling than the doctors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and executives that I met the same evening.

Why? Is it because he is more interesting or inspiring than the others? Perhaps. The truth is, the WAY he introduced himself encapsulated his journey, which put who he was into better context. 

You see, we put so much value into what it is that we want to accomplish that we lose sight of the most important part of the desire: what it pushes us to overcome and persevere through.

These journeys push our limits and expand us. We are a different person after reaching the destination and most likely already have a new destination in sight when we get there. There is even opportunity to share your growth with others, which adds greater meaning to "how" you get to your destinations or accomplishments.

Our video for this week gives deeper insight into the journey and why it's as important (if not more) as the destination. This is perfect for the person who is striving to reach a goal or the person who is feeling hollow after a recent accomplishment, wondering if it was even worth it. 

Once you understand that the journey is life, every bit of life in between becomes "worth it." 




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