The journey of the unstoppable

by Elliot Lyons 

At some point in our lives, we realize that we change because we have no other option.

Yes, there are other things out there, but they don’t mean anything because they don’t lead where we’re going.

This is a funny sort of existence because life gets easier and harder at the same time—we’re both energized and nervous at the possibility of the new unknown. We know certain things just won’t cut it, making our sight clearer but the unknown poses a nerve-wracking darkness; we don’t know what will come at us while we’re changing or who we may become in the end.

We just know that the only way to illuminate this darkness is to take our shot.

The voice that tells us we have to move makes courage a daily part of our being, and every time we reach for the people we want to be we grow a little bit.

Every now and then, though, our old selves whose skin we’re trying to shed surfaces, some of those old habits return as knee-jerk reactions to familiar circumstances. We become discouraged because we thought we were somewhere else, someone else, but we catch ourselves and push on.

We’ve changed because we use the old habits that we couldn’t help to push us in the direction we want to go. They are a reminder of where we came from and a sign telling us we need to go in the opposite direction. 

Other people look on and watch us changing and some may not understand, firing negative criticisms and insults at us. And these still hurt because progress and change don’t make us impervious to pain—they just make us aware that we’re changing, growing.

We may not even realize how much we’re changing, but those who support us will be there to remind us of how far we’ve come.

And the weird thing is that even their encouragement hits us differently because we see how our growth has positively impacted them.

This impact motivates us to continue growing, constantly changing, and this makes us unstoppable.


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