The most important thing you can do today

 by Elliot Lyons 

It’s hard to believe that October is upon us and the year is almost over.

I know that for some of you out there, the year has flown by, while for others it’s creeped along so slowly that you can’t believe it’s not over yet.

Today, though, I’d just like to encourage you, no matter how fast or slow your year is going, or your week, for that matter, to take a step back and acknowledge how far you’ve come. It’s been hard—you’ve lost some things, you’ve gained others, and some of you may have even lost more than you gained.

I know it may seem like you haven’t been going anywhere, but as Angelo (the Motivator) says, “Sometimes, winning feels like losing.” This means that every time you try, you give yourself and your dreams a new chance.

This means that it’s okay that you’re tired, frustrated, doubting yourself, and even lonely because these are some of the prices we pay for chasing our dreams.

But you’re on your way.

So, since it’s Friday, and the weekend is about to kick into gear, right after you get off work I would like you to do something: once you get out of your building, just stop, take a deep breath, and say, “I made it!”

Because you did, in the big and the small, through the cries and laughter, you made it.

Have a great weekend, and keep dreaming.

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