What my mom and Gary Vaynerchuk have in common

by Elliot Lyons 

Yes, you read that right: my mom and Gary Vee have something in common.

I, like many of you out there, am at a time in my life when I’ve looked around and said, “Damn, where did the time go?!” and, “I’m not where I want to be!”

When I express my frustration to my mom, she gives an insightful yet hard to swallow piece of comfort. She says, “You’re exactly where you should be, baby. You’re doing things at the pace God set out for you—you’re on your own time.”

I’m developing at my own pace and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Gary Vee, in response to a kid who asks him about what he should do as a young entrepreneur who is overwhelmed by which direction he should go, says, “Slow it down. You’ve got to prove it to yourself and that’s on your time table. Everybody else’s time table is teachers, parents, and friends. They got a different time table. You just have to do it on your time table.”

If Gary and my mom were talking about this, my mom would agree and then say, “That’s exactly what I tell my baby all the time, Gary! Elliot, see, your mama knows what she’s talking about!”

We get so caught up in other people’s expectations and looking at where they are and where we’re not that we forget that we’re exactly where we need to be to get where we want to go.

Our journey is unique to us and that means we’ll get ours like only we can get it. This may not lessen your frustration all the time but it is a good way to re-focus your frustrations from seeing problems to possibilities.

Because each step you take to wherever you’re going sets the stage for the next.

So take care, slow it down, and be patient.








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